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  Highlights of January 2017  
  • ‘Chinese Dragons’ Overtake U.S. in Financial Tech Investment
  • Provinces Expect rise in foreign investment in proposed FTZs
  • More sectors to open to foreign investment
  • China's investment in US expected to grow fast:Report
  • Chinese appetite for foreign assets remains healthy
  • Germany to finance strategic infrastructure projects in India
  • Malaysia considering fund to spur foreign investment in Islamic finance
  • Australian firms explore PPP projects in Phl
  • Phl draws investor interest in Davos forum
  • Thailand’s construction market is now driven by public infrastructure
  • Vietnam's retail market hits $118 billion amid M&A spree
  • Foreign developers want to tap into the country's growing economy and population
  • Indonesia, one of five “fragile” emerging markets, looks stronger now
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Vol-1, Issue-43
February- 2017
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