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  Highlights of April 2017  
  • India‚Äôs economic influence in Asia Pacific to increase in next five years: Survey
  • India is actively considering a proposal to allow FDI in non-food items, along with food products
  • New Rules clears way for Indian firms to merge with foreign companies
  • Indian Insurance Industry Overview & Market Development Analysis
  • India climbs to 8th spot on FDI confidence index
  • Chinese investors move in, take large slice of Latin American pie
  • U.S. firms keen to invest in China
  • New investment potential rises amid stable growth
  • Cross-border M&A set to grow: Study
  • Overseas investors cautious on domestic bonds
  • China's outbound investment expands in Belt and Road region: report
  • Growing demand for fintech in Islamic finance
  • Amended Companies Act to ease cost of doing business
  • FITCH APAC OUTLOOK; US tightening, trade risks weigh on growth
  • VN leads Asia for growth in convenience store
  • Vietnam draws $21 billion EU investments
  • Local Manufacturers Stand to Gain as Plants Leave China
  • Entrepreneurs and venture capital firms view Asean as largely uncharted territory offering huge potential and opportunities
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Vol-1, Issue-46
May- 2017
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