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  Highlights of January 2016  
  • Healthcare Industry in India
  • DCI points at lack of oral hygiene leading to growing number of dental cases in India
  • India may have high infection rates of deadly copycat disease: Report
  • Indian pharma firms ready complex generics pipeline for next wave of US growth
  • Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry Analysis
  • Mental Health Care: China's Next Big Market '
  • Lung Cancer Most Common Cancer In China (Statistics)
  • China embraces precision medicine on a massive scale
  • Asean healthcare industry offers rich potential with different niches available in different markets: Researchers
  • Pneumonia, dengue most deadly illnesses in 2015
  • Health, education, work top Filipinos’ concerns — survey
  • Healthcare Indonesia: Boosting Local Production of Medicines' Raw Materials
  • Vietnam invites Indian pharma companies to set up units
  • Heart disease is major cause of adolescent death
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Vol-1, Issue-31
January- 2016
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