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  Highlights of October 2016  
  • India is a primary destination for Cardiac surgery, Orthopedics, Oncology and Alternative Medicine, says FICCI-IMS Study
  • India To Review Drug Price Control To Make It More Lucrative For Pharma Companies: Report
  • Government planning a major overhaul of country’s drug policy
  • Global biotech firms positive on GM regulatory regime
  • Indian biosimilars market may reach $40 bn by 2030: Report
  • China's medtech sector hotspot for M&A: report
  • Q&A: Investing in China’s Elderly Care Industry
  • Global Organic Cosmetic Ingredients Market Size is Expected to Increase Significantly by 2023 Industry - Study
  • China to open elderly care market, encourage private capital
  • China’s $5 Billion Health-Care Deal Spree Shows Global Ambitions
  • Commercial health insurance growing exponentially in China
  • Increased partnerships between public, private healthcare expected
  • Foreign patients buoy private hospitals
  • Vietnam has among world's highest cancer fatality rates
  • Why Indonesia must invest in mental health
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Vol-1, Issue-40
November- 2016
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