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  Highlights of December 2016  
  • India's healthcare system: Upcoming government initiatives
  • Biologics enter top selling drugs’ list
  • Govt urges private health care providers to set up centres in rural areas
  • Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in India
  • Healthcare Industry in India: Report
  • Pharma & healthcare sectors see R&D, manufacture & predictive analytics as growth drivers in 2017
  • China’s healthcare reforms set to benefit top domestic pharmas, report says
  • China: Opportunities For Investment In The Chinese HealthCare Market
  • Beijing buyers club? China's cancer patients gamble on gray market
  • Survey: China leads the world in connected health device adoption
  • China to relax foreign investment rules for aged care: State Council
  • Indonesia Fitness Services & Equipment Market Forecast to 2020 - Product Innovation and Increasing Health Concerns to Shape Future Growth
  • Beauty clinics in Thailand : from crisis to opportunity
  • Top ten events in health sector in 2016
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Vol-1, Issue-42
January- 2017
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