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  Highlights of April 2016  
  • The biosimilar opportunity for Indian healthcare companies
  • Indian drug firms to face challenges in US market: ICRA
  • Psoriasis market to more than double to $13.3 bn by 2024, says GlobalData
  • Indian pharma industry to face hurdles in US along with currency headwinds in Emerging Markets
  • Health ingredients China - Where Food, Health & Pharma Meet
  • Made in China – Innovative Drugs?
  • Ramsay, Healthscope to benefit from health privatisation in China
  • In China, Firms Face Competition as Tech Businesses Target Health Care
  • Junk food fattening rural Chinese children, study finds
  • In Thailand, universal health care eases the impact of diabetes
  • Malaysian women more susceptible to cancer compared to men
  • Significant increase in diabetes and obesity among Malaysians
  • Big moves in further developing pharmaceutical industry
  • Indonesia Animal Health Market is Expected to Reach ​$​327 Million in 2019​: Study
  • World's first dengue vaccination in Philippines sees few ill-effects
  • PH’s rising status as top retirement haven boosts demand for healthcare jobs
  • Cancer Among Tip 10 Causes Of Illness Weight In Vietnam
  • Over 4 million in Vietnam have diabetes as disease grows in Asia: report
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May- 2016
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