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  Highlights of July 2016  
  • 25% of vaccines go waste due to lack of cold chain
  • India's pharma industry expected to grow to $55 bn by 2020
  • Sri Lanka woos Indian pharma companies to set up operations in the country
  • Govt seeks help from private sector to curb overpopulation
  • Online clinics for faceless medical advice gaining popularity
  • India’s young are in the grip of sickly ‘affluenza’
  • China Inc. Goes on a Buying Spree for Global Health Assets
  • VCs find huge Investment opportunities in sports devices & fitness apps
  • Opportunity for Health insurance companies as healthcare costs force pose burden to patients
  • LSE Health report outlines reforms for China's pharmaceutical system
  • Silicone market size is likely to exceed 2.5 million tons with gains of over 5.5% from 2016 to 2023
  • Sales in Indonesia's Pharmaceutical Industry 2011 - 2016
  • Mental illness will be second biggest health challenge for Malaysia by 2020
  • Medical tourism, along with elder care, will drive healthcare sector growth in the medium to long-term: Frost & Sullivan
  • Half the population of Thailand to become obese says survey
  • Heart disease attacks young, urban Vietnamese
  • PH among countries with increasing HIV infections
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Vol-1, Issue-37
August- 2016
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