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  Highlights of August 2016
  • Indian cos looking to acquire US FDA approved API & formulation facilities to offset revenue losses
  • Insurance Sector in India
  • Cash rich Indian pharma cos looking for acquisitions in regulated market: ICICI Securities
  • Emerging markets rev up for access to affordable tech to offset hassles of poor healthcare infrastructure: Experts
  • Private sector bears higher TB burden: Study
  • China takes precision medicine to heart
  • Health-minded Chinese upgrade to affordable premium foods
  • The looming public health crises threatening to take down China’s health care system
  • China facing epidemic of heart disease, stroke
  • Indonesia Fitness Services & Equipment Market Forecast to 2020
  • 5 countries that offer big savings on health care for medical tourists
  • Personal Health Record system rolled out in five provinces
  • Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market is forecast to increase from $4.2 billion in 2015 to $7.2 billion by 2020 : Report
  • PH’s top health priority Hepatitis B eradication
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Vol-1, Issue-38
August- 2016
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