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  Highlights of January 2017  
  • Six out of ten (64 per cent) Vietnamese consumers purchased fashion products online:Nielsen
  • Vietnam's beauty and cosmetics industry needs green makeover
  • Vietnamese beer market big enough for all brewers
  • Business deals to boozy lunches: Vietnam outpaces beer-drinking peers
  • 695m Chinese surf internet via cell phone in 2016
  • Youthful shoppers turning to TCM-based skin care products
  • More consumers from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan making high-value purchases on mobile
  • Millennials to finally take a break from social media: Telenor Research
  • Pinoys top social media users, according to study
  • Internet broadband market expected to grow by 15%
  • Singapore consumers will buy more connected devices in 2017: Accenture
  • Indian's SUV love: One of every four cars sold is off-roader
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Vol-1, Issue-43
February- 2017
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