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  Highlights of April 2017  
  • Indians prefer Xiaomi over Samsung, Apple: Report
  • Over 15 crore rural households go without computers
  • Facebook's growth surges in India
  • Is liver disease the next major lifestyle disease of India after diabetes and BP?
  • China tops list of home-owning millennials, study finds
  • Chinese take into recreational vehicles
  • Brands should tap China's healthy snack trend
  • China's online shoppers look to ANZ for food
  • Survey: 70% Chinese Buy New Mobile Phones Every 2 Years
  • Pinoys have more ‘online patience’ among S.E.A. users
  • Pinoy millennials among most optimistic
  • Mil­len­ni­als fuel RI tourism wave
  • ASEAN millennials admit to generation gap: survey
  • Vietnam is the fastest growing country with a super-rich population, surpassing even India and China: Study
  • Vietnamese consumers willing to pay more for safe foods
  • Vietnamese consumers the most socially-conscious in Asia-Pacific
  • APAC e-shoppers want peace of mind
  • Mobile payment war
  • Pushing forward on the digital grid
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    May- 2017
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